Some say they’ll boycott Lee’s Summit festival due to captivity of white tigers

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LEE’S SUMMIT, Mo. — It’s the white tigers that are in downtown Lee’s Summit this weekend that have some people concerned.

The tigers will be in an exhibit at the Downtown Days Festival in Lee’s Summit. Several people have complained and say they plan to boycott the event because of how the tigers are being treated.

Organizers have been getting complaints about captivity. The 300 pound white tigers are a brother and sister duo. Their handler Lisa Lopez introduced them to FOX 4. Lopez has been with them since they were born.

While organizers say they’re aware of the complaints of captivity, they wish those who are boycotting would come and see the exhibit for themselves.

“We’ve gotten a few complaints, but you know, we had them here two years ago and it was nothing but a good experience. Very impressed by the handlers and the keepers with the tigers. They treat them like members of the family,” organizer Donny Rogers said.

Downtown Days kicks off Friday at noon and ends Sunday evening.

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