Police Say James Holmes Sent Notebook to Psychiatrist

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AURORA, Colo. —  Police say that before the Dark Knight movie shootings, James Holmes mailed a notebook full of details about how he was going to kill people to a psychiatrist at the University of Colorado. The package sat unopened in a mail room for about a week before it was finally discovered on Monday.

Police reportedly say the notebook was filled with drawings of how he planned to kill along with illustrations of the massacre that he allegedly planned.

Many of the figures in the spiral bound notebook were stick-figures.

Holmes’ next court appearance is set for Monday, July 30.

The judge has ruled no cameras will be allowed inside the courtroom.

In other developments Wednesday, some relatives who lost loved ones in the Colorado Dark Knight Rises mass shooting have made a request to news anchors and reporters and talk show hosts, asking that they not speak the name, “James Holmes.”

Their reason: They say using the alleged killer’s name and picture gives him the attention he craves.

According to a Huffington Post report, Anderson Cooper said he will try to comply with the request as much as possible.

Jordan Ghawi, sister of victim Jessica Ghawi, told Cooper, “I don’t want the media to be saturated with the shooter’s name. The more air time these victims have, the less time that man gets his time on television,” Ghawi said.

For pictures and profiles of the twelve victims, click on this link: Pictures: Those Who Lost Their Lives in Aurora

This week, Cooper said he tried to replace Holmes’ name by using phrases like “accused killer.”

On Tuesday, actor Christian Bale visited shooting victims in the hospital and many around the world were touched by his unannounced visit. For exclusive video of the visit from KDVR-TV in Denver, click here.



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