‘Somebody knows they shot me’: Woman shot at 9ine Ultra Lounge speaks out


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Zenobia Morris says she’s lucky to be alive after being shot three times and wounded in both legs.

It was around 2 a.m. Aug. 30 as Morris was leaving 9ine Ultra Lounge when gunfire erupted in the parking lot.

“There was so much shooting. It started out of nowhere,” Morris said. “I wasn’t just like a person standing in a parking lot. I was in the backseat of a car, thinking ducking was all I could do. I looked down — my legs were just bleeding.”

Morris was one of four people shot that night. She said it was her first time at the club, and what happened has left her frustrated and angry.

One bullet is still in her leg, and she’s now struggling to work and take care of her son.

“I am trying to get back into my photography and photo-shooting, and I can barely get down and do anything. I still do it because I have to. I have no other way of money,” Morris said.

“It just stopped everything I had going for myself and all of the things I knew I would have done this next couple of months.”

Morris said she’s using her experience to motivate others to speak their truth and appreciate every second of life.

“Right now I am living with someone’s bullet in my skin. Somebody knows they shot me. Somebody knows they messed up, and there is nothing I can do about it,” Morris said.

“I just think that we don’t really treasure life how we should. I realize you only have one body. Now I have these extra holes in my body and extra complications because I wanted to go out.”

So far, there have been no arrests.

Since January, 19 people have been shot and two more have died from gunfire at 9ine Ultra Lounge.

Attorneys for Alphonso Hodge, owner of the club, tell FOX4 the site will be closing by the end of September.

Morris said she doesn’t believe closing is the answer but believes there needs to be a discussion about security at places like the 9ine.

“I wish it was more places minority people could kick it at and have fun at,” Morris said. “We need better security in the parking lot. If we had someone to push people out, to say, ‘Go, get out of here, no loitering,’ and stuff, that could have prevented something.”



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