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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The long, white tubes running down the sides of the Jackson County Courthouse are the first thing anyone entering the historic building notices.

“I had to be in court today and I walked up, and it looks like something out of Spider-Man or something,” said Topher Philgreen.

While it definitely gives the downtown skyline a sci-fi vibe, the auxiliary air-conditioning set-up is helping county officials make portions of the building tolerable, during this week’s hot temperatures.

Most of the tubes feed into the middle portion of the art-deco building.

“The county needs to maintain our ability to have court,” said Mike Mansur, spokesman for the Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office. “So they focused on the courts. That’s why it’s cooler in the middle, where the courts are.”

Some have joked it looks like the building is on life-support. Others have drawn comparisons to the dystopian 1980’s movie “Brazil.”

“Someone compared it to the movie ‘Gotham,’ which I didn’t get the reference,” Mansur said.

A digital thermometer on a desk in the county clerk’s office read 81 degrees.

Luckily, county officials say a new A/C unit should be up and running at the courthouse by the end of the month.

Until then, county employees and people visiting the courthouse will have to adjust for the heat. And the noise.

“I think I was on the fifth floor, and it really wasn’t bad,” Philgreen said. “It was kind of loud. There was a lot of air noise in there, but I didn’t feel particularly hot.”