Son of Kan. rep. dabs during his dad’s swearing-in until Paul Ryan calls him out

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WASHINGTON — The congressional swearing-in ceremony of a new Kansas representative had a bit of an awkward moment when the new lawmaker’s son dabbed in the middle of the proceeding, and Paul Ryan called him out on it.

Rep. Roger Marshall (R), representing Kansas’s 1st district, defeated the incumbent in the GOP primary, Tim Huelskamp, last year, and did not face a Democratic candidate in the general election.

On Tuesday, Marshall’s son found himself between his father and House Speaker Paul Ryan (after Marshall’s official swearing-in) at a photo op when he hit the dab. Ryan appeared to be having none of it.

“You alright?” Ryan asked as the boy assumes the position. “Yeah,” he replies with a wide grin, maintaining the dab.

“You want to put your hand down?” Ryan persists, grabbing the prankster’s arm before the boy finally complies.

Rep. Marshall appears to try and write off his son’s antics when he asks, “You gonna sneeze?”

“You gonna sneeze, is that it?” Ryan repeats.

“Yeah,” the boy laughs.

“He’s sneezing,” Marshall assures the group.

Let it be a lesson to you youngsters. Paul Ryan has no time for your shenanigans.

Ryan later tweeted that he doesn’t “get what dabbing is.”

For those of you like Ryan, dabbing is a dance move in which a person hides the face into a raised arm and elbow, which has become a popular internet meme.

The House Speaker took it in stride and patted the boy on the back as the group walked away, leaving kids to wonder, who wants to land an epic bottle flip on Ryan’s desk?



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