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LEAWOOD, Kan. — Old, stinky gym shoes: there’s no doubt just the mention brings a distinct smell to your mind. It’s a smell that a Leawood woman wants to eliminate around the world. She says she’s created a product that does just that.

The Stink Boss is a medium-sized box that uses ozone and heat to eliminate odor and the bacteria and germs that cause it.

Hilary Philgreen said she got the idea after her son’s stinky sporting goods were smelling up the car, and she just couldn’t take it anymore. She worked with engineers and developers who are also co-workers at the company she’s employed with, and they created The Stink Boss.

Philgreen says she’s never had a complaint, and if it didn’t work she’d know because she’d still smell her sons’ sweaty shoes.

“Even I could smell my own stink and it was beyond horrifying,” her son, Luke, said.

“Truthfully the most rewarding part I think is de-stinking the world,” said Philgreen.

Philgreen says she’s surprised by how quickly everything came together and how quickly the product sells, but she says it’s a problem a lot of people can identify with.

Using the same technology, Philgreen says she plans to expand The Stink Boss to things other than sweaty gym clothes.

To find out more, go to The Stink Boss website.