South KC woman devastated after 4-pound Chihuahua with special needs stolen during burglary

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A woman in south Kansas City is desperate to get her dog with special needs back after someone broke into her home and stole it.

Cassie Hamilton has four Chihuahuas she rescued from shelters over the years. She was devastated to find one of them missing Thursday when her home, near 61st and The Paseo, was burglarized.

“I’m so scared because they don’t know, whoever has her, doesn’t know her or what she needs,” Hamilton said.

Hamilton said the burglar, who gained entry by breaking a back window to her house, took several electronics, including a TV, computer and an unopened security camera she got for Christmas.

She was heartbroken when she couldn’t find her 2-year-old rescue Prancer.

“I cried and cried and cried from 4:30 yesterday, when I got home until 2:30, when I finally got asleep because of exhaustion,” she said.

Hamilton doesn’t know why someone would take Prancer and leave her other dogs behind, but she wants that person to understand the dog needs special care. Prancer’s barely 4 pounds and has a neurological condition called hydrocephalus or “water on the brain.”

“It’s an area of the skull that doesn’t close completely and cerebral spinal fluids start leaking in,” she explained.

Prancer’s head is extremely sensitive and if hit on the head, it could kill her.

“If she’s scared at all, she will go downhill quickly,” Hamilton said. “Her coordination is terrible. She walks around like she’s intoxicated all the time. If someone doesn’t ensure that she’s getting her food and water, she won’t eat.”

Hamilton said the electronics that were stolen can be replaced. They’re insured, but she added that she can’t live without Prancer.

The graduate student is hoping the person who took Prancer finds it in their heart to bring her home – no questions asked.

“She’s family. She’s not a dog. She’s family,” Hamilton said.

We Are Grateful Sanctuary (WAGS), where Hamilton rescued Prancer, is offering a cash reward for the dog’s safe return. She's micro-chipped but the name on file is Bambi.

If you know where the dog is, send FOX4’s Zac Summers an email at You can also reach him here on Facebook.



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