KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Southwest Airlines are working to restore faith with travelers after another technology issue caused more than 18,000 delays on Tuesday.

For the second time in four months, a computer issue caused traveling interruptions with the airline.

From 9 to 1030 a.m, the airline grounded its flights due to a “data connection issue from a firewall failure” Tuesday morning, which led to the delays.

About 50 of those flights were here at the Kansas City International Airport.

From Dec. 20 – 29, Southwest had to cancel almost 17,000 flights, leaving more than two million people in limbo.

The US Department of Transportation reminded passengers of their rights when an airline causes a significant delay or cancellation to travel plans. Travelers can find the information on the Department of Transportation website.

As of Wednesday morning, there are no delays or cancellations, but travelers are urged to still check their status.

According to the airline, passengers impacted by Tuesday’s issues can rebook their travel within a two-week window without paying additional charges.