KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Special Olympians from Missouri got to visit Patrick Mahomes’ locker room and got to take a team picture as they get set to go to Orlando for the USA Games in Orlando starting June 5.

“We can not wait, we’re super excited, super stoked, they talk about it all the time, they are ready to compete,” Amy Roberts said, with Special Olympics Missouri Flag Football.

But before that, a big thrill for these Special Olympians, walk inside and tour the stadium that houses the championship trophies .. see the legends at the Hall of Honor and take a picture .. a little added motivation before their big trip to Orlando.

“It’s going to make them happy, it’s a joyful thing, it’s going to be fun that we enjoyed,” Cortez Jackson said, with Special Olympics Missouri Flag Football.

“It’s an honor, I mean the guys are really excited and to be able to see something they haven’t seen will be amazing and awesome,” Roberts said.

And former Chiefs were happy to give them motivation to win.

“These are true champions of the community,” said former Chiefs linebacker Shawn Barber. “These guys and girls faced certain obstacles in life that we couldn’t even imagine. We know on the football field it’s a battle on the field, but, some of these Olympic athletes have done an amazing job of making their lives be a success.”

After a final stop to a locker room and getting their Chiefs uniforms, getting to put on their game gear just like the players who use the locker room they’re in. They’re ready to work to win.

“We’re like a family. We have fun when we participate in games,” Cortez Jackson said.

The team will use their chant: “Show me, show me, show me, MO! MO” as they start the USA Games next week.