Speeding drivers near Budd Park have neighbors frustrated, worried about safety

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A Kansas City woman says she knows danger when she sees it.

The former police officer said it’s driving right through her neighborhood, almost daily.

As children prepare to be released for summer vacation, Cindy Baker said she’s concerned that the danger is going to end with an child getting seriously injured.

“The speed limit here is 25 miles an hour, but nobody really pays attention to that,” Baker said. “We’ve had vehicles drive at least 60, 70 miles per hour down this street.”

Baker said she’s even had her own close calls with these speeders.

“We’ve tried to cross the street with our dog, and we’ve had to jump,” Baker said.

And she’s not the only one. Her next door neighbor, Peggy Montgomery, said she witnessed a car almost hit at least two children.

“What does it take to get a speed limit sign to get put up? Is it going to cost a kid life to get off their butt and do something?” Montgomery said.

Baker and Montgomery both believe their requests and voices are being ignored.

They said they’ve called the police department, traffic officers, even council members, but so far the women said no one is improving the safety of the neighborhood.

“They told me all I had to do was call this number. Well, I’ve been calling this number for the past two years,” Montgomery said.

She believes a speed bump or additional signage could help the problem.

But for Baker, this issue hits closer to home. After serving 18 years as a patrol officer at KCPD, she said she knows what is right and just wants someone to listen.

“Maybe if they see what’s happening, we can get something done,” Baker said.

Community members living near Budd Park plan to address city leaders at an upcoming council meeting.

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