Spike in violence over the weekend, not surprising to many in the metro

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Two triple shootings at two different places in Kansas City overnight has left two people dead.

In a four hour time span, Kansas City’s homicide tally for the year rose to nine. That’s one homicide every three days.

Just before 11 p.m. Saturday, police responded to a shooting at 22nd and Elmwood, near Ashland Park. The scene stretched seven blocks, almost to the fire station at 22nd and Hardesty. One person died, two others are expected to survive. The victim was identified by police Monday as 17-year-old Fernando Perez.

Less than four hours later, three miles away, another three people were shot. This time it was at an apartment building at Linwood and Olive. One died, two others are expected to survive.

“Pretty busy for the city of Kansas City,” Rosilyn Temple of Mothers In Charge said.

She isn’t surprised by the sudden onset of violence.

“It’s like a cycle that happens every year since I’ve been doing this,” Temple said. “We have a quiet time and then all of the sudden, homicides start happening, people start killing people out of control. What is the problem? I just don’t understand.”

Airrin Scott’s family knows the problem too well. The-23 year-old father of seven was killed earlier this month, outside a convenience store at 80th and Troost.

“He was always wanting to go see his babies,” his mother Cassandra Brown said. The Scott and Brown families gathered at the Cenex at 8001 Troost Sunday afternoon for a Celebration of Life to remember the aspiring rapper and artist.

“When he wasn’t going to go see his babies,” Brown added, “he was working on music and art.”

Witnesses say Scott got into an argument with another man at the store, which led to the shooting.

“Hurt people hurt people,” Temple said. “We’re a hurting community. We’re really hurting and we don`t understand how to fix it.”

She urged others to agree to disagree.

“That’s her belief, that`s his belief,” Temple said. “I don’t have to believe it, but I can leave them with an understanding of loyalty and respect. We lost that.”

Now, just like Airrin Scott’s family, two other families have to learn to live without their loved one.

Kansas City police were busy overnight. In addition to the two triple shootings, one person was shot at 10th and Broadway, though no one was hurt at a shooting at 99th and Wornall.

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