SpraySeeMo Mural Festival sparks creativity across the metro

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KANSAS CITY, Miss. — Kansas City is about to add a lot more color to dozens of buildings across the metro. It’s part of a week long mural festival called SpraySeeMo.

“Before we know it we’ll have a whole city that’s an art gallery,” said SpraySeeMo Founder Jason Harrington, aka Rif Raf Giraffe.

Harrington set out to make his city more beautiful through the spray-see-mo mural festival. Top talent from as far away as New Zealand and Bulgaria will paint more than 40 walls, from Midtown to the West Bottoms, in a course of seven days.

“My piece will just provoke more thought of just like silliness,” designer Sebastian Coolidge said.

Coolidge no longer presketches. He puts paint to bricks like it’s the first time drawing it on a piece of paper. You can watch him, along with the other artists, as each stroke transfers what’s in the mind ‘onto’ a building during the festival.

“I feel the gallery scene gets a bit stuffy for a lot of people,” Harrington said. “With social media now a days people want to interact on their own levels, take their pictures by the walls.”

Harrington and Coolidge painted  a popular piece of art at 514 Southwest Boulevard during last year’s mural festival– it’s still inspiring creative expression. The newer murals are stopping traffic too.

“I saw somebody with a roll of paint, and I came back to see what it was and it looks nice,” passerby Julio Morales said. “It makes the neighborhood look better.”

That’s exactly what Harrington is hoping these pieces of art continue to do.

“I do really hope for inspiration,” Harrington said. “I grew up looking at art, not coming from an art family. So to like see this kind of stuff, you really hope it inspires the next group of people to come and do better than what we’ve built. And really show the world what we can do.”

At the end of the week, SpraySeeMo will select the top three murals and their artists will share a $10,000 prize.

As for the public, SpraySeeMo is offering several free events throughout the week. For a map of murals and more information about the free events visit sprayseemo.com.

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