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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — In like a lamb, out like a lamb. It’s been an unusually warm and pleasant March, and downtown is soaking up the spring vibes.

As we head into the first full month of spring, get into a sunnier mood with these beautiful and cheery photos from downtown Kansas City.

Take a walk

It doesn’t take exceptionally long to tour downtown, even if you stop to smell some flowers. Sorry, no roses yet. But late March into April does highlight another flower – the hawthorn.

These trees are all over, from the medians of Main Street to tiny gardens on the sides of skyscrapers and anywhere in between. The tiny white flowers come in abundance. Their reflections in the hues of downtown buildings create a partly-cloudy sky aesthetic, where puffs of white meet deep blues.

As I walked south on Main near the North Loop stop of the Kansas City Streetcar, I noticed daffodils planted in the median. As one of the earliest bloomers, these flowers are a true sign of warmer days ahead. A light at the end of the tunnel.

Walking south on Baltimore past Mildred’s, small planters off to the side spout other more colorful flowers. Dozens of people walked their dogs in the middle of the day, strolling around the Library District.

Down across the street from the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts, more hawthorns.

  • Picture of Hawthorn flowers outside of the Kauffman Center.
  • Picture of Hawthorn flowers and the Kansas City skyline.
  • Picture of flowers and Bartle Hall Sky Station sculpture.
  • Picture of Power & Light landscaper.
  • Picture of new Royals flag at Power & Light.
  • Picture of flowers near Oppenstien Brothers Memorial Park.
  • Picture outside of Planters in the River Market.

Then back up to the Power & Light District, where landscapers were hard at work. One told me in between shoveling dirt that they were about to get a lot more plants. New Royals flags lined 14th Street between Main and Walnut, the street now sporting blue, green and more.

There are more flowers in planters along Walnut, adding spots of color all the way north to the River Market. Recently, Planters Seed & Spice Co. put out their seedlings for sale, attracting families and market goers.

As COVID-19 vaccinations continue and with most of the winter behind, take time to take a stroll. Go downtown, trip to a park or stay in your neighborhood. If you’re watchful, you’ll probably notice some lovely signs of spring.