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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. –The former Sprint campus is about to get a major makeover.

The campus located near 119th and Nall, has really fallen on hard times – now that Sprint no longer exits.

T-Mobile bought Sprint earlier this year, but Occidental Management out of Wichita, bought the entire campus from Sprint a year ago before the merger with T-Mobile and they have big plans for it.

They want to renovate every building on this sprawling 200 acre campus, and add new glass buildings with a modern flair.

Instead of it just being a corporate campus, they want to build apartments, restaurants, add water features, green space, and entertainment venues.

The vision is to for people to live, work and play here.

It will be quite the undertaking as this area has a college campus feel to it.

Built back in 2001, this was Sprint’s world headquarters and it thrived.

But financial troubles forced Sprint to lease these buildings to other companies – and eventually caused them to sell the entire campus.

Now, the new owners want to give it new life in the heart of Overland Park.

Before they can move forward with the renovations, they’ll need approval from the Overland Park City Council, which they’re hoping to by December.

However, big projects like these take time to develop and do, so it could be years this former Sprint campus gets its new look.

Right now they are calling this The Campus, but they are looking for a new name.