Sprint’s new office culture: Less cubicles, more Kombucha

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — As merger talks between Sprint and T-Mobile cast uncertain clouds over Sprint’s future in Overland Park, company officials say a radical redesign of campus office culture serves up proof that the telecom giant is committed to the metro economy.

Sprint unveiled an ambitious work space makeover that features co-working spaces, oversized couches and a puts new emphasis on collaboration.

“It’s really important for us to create experiences for our people, bring them together, build community, build engagement and innovate,” said Deeanne King with Sprint.

Sprint teamed up with WeWork, one of the biggest names in co-working spaces, to redesign the look and feel of a day at the office.

“It really helps employees get to enjoy their work environment in a way that they never really knew they were hungry for in the first place,” said Mary Best with WeWork.

It means cubicles have been replaced with sprawling open spaces, lots of natural light and easy access to hip beverages like Kombucha.

“I had a lady today tell me she hasn’t seen people in 16 years that’s she’s seen in this new space, since she moved in on Monday,” King said. “She says it’s fabulous. She says, ‘I feel like I’m part of the company again.'”

WeWork has also helped other well-known companies like Expedia and Facebook with workplace renovation projects.

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