FARMINGTON, Mo. – An inmate in St. Francois County faces a criminal charge for knowingly exposing someone to an infectious disease after an attempted attack on a staff member.

Prosecutors have charged Justin Haggerman, 36, with one felony of endangering a person by knowingly exposing a person to an infectious/communicable disease. Authorities say Haggerman was aware he was positive for Hepatitis C prior to the reported incident last year.

According to court documents, a victim says the incident happened in January 2021 when someone at a jail in St. Francois County tried to incite others to attack staff. The victim says he attempted to stop Haggermen from attacking a staff member.

During the encounter, Haggerman reportedly exposed the victim. Per court documents, Haggerman smeared bodily fluid, blood and fecal matter on the victim’s left arm. New court documents were filed in the case earlier this week.

Per Missouri court records, Haggerman has a lengthy criminal history that includes assault charges in St. Francois County and rape, burglary and assault in other counties in the state.