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ST. JOSEPH, Mo. — From St. Joseph, Missouri to Kansas City, we’re seeing moderate flooding. This comes in the aftermath of the “bomb cyclone,” which occurs when there is a rapid drop in atmospheric pressure.

Flooding is expected to get worse for some areas.

It’s a simple process, sacking sand – but it could end up saving people’s lives and businesses.

That’s why Trail Morehead decided to pitch in.

“It’s nice to do something for the community and help out for a little bit,” Morehead said.

Morehead was on his way to lunch when he saw one of the two volunteer stations set up in St. Joseph, Missouri

“Most of them have stayed several hours and then leave,” City Spokesperson Mary Robinson said, “But for their efforts so far we’ve bagged about 9,000 sand bags.”

Robinson said they’ve filled 25,000 bags, so far. The goal is 150,000 by Tuesday.

“We still have a long way to go,” Robinson said laughing.

Shannon Cox and his family are hoping they can put a dent in that number.

“I’ve been just scooping it and putting it in here so my sister can catch it in the bag,” Cox said.

They came from Clarksdale, Missouri after seeing the City’s plea for help in a Facebook post. It’s been liked about 630 times and brought in more than 250 helping hands, as of Friday evening.

After the sandbags are filled, stacked and wrapped they’re taken to the levee in St. Joseph, on the Missouri side, where city crews are building this 2 foot wall to protect the industrial area.

“There are a lot of assets, both public and private, that are along the banks of the river just on the inside of the levees,” Robinson explained. “If the levees were to break, were to overtop, it would be devastating for those areas.”

Robinson said the two foot wall will protect up to 32.5 feet of river elevation, and every bag counts.

“If you can get two that would make me proud,” Morehead says to a younger volunteer, “Let’s go. Don’t stop. C’mon follow me!”

So he motivates his new volunteer friends to keep going and keep everyone safe.

“I’m just at a loss for words at the possibility that it could happen, but at the same time knowing that I did a little bit to help my family and my loved ones that’s a big deal.

Robinson said volunteers will continue bagging sand through Monday.