St. Regis Academy distributing meals, hygiene items to those in need


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — With coronavirus shutdowns impacting the economy, many people are feeling the financial pinch, and that’s why a local school is stepping up to fill a need.

St. Regis Academy is distributing meals during the week as part of the National School Lunch Program.

St. Regis Academy Principal Robin Fisher said they are providing meals to children under age 18, regardless of whether or not they attend the school.

“We know that in our immediate St. Regis community that about 50 percent of our kiddos were going to need some sort of meal,” she said. “We are their meal for the day, so we wanted to continue that. But as we started this, we’ve really seen that the need in our community is much greater.”

In addition to meals for kids, St. Regis has an adult food pantry. They’re offering hygiene kits as well.

Breakfast and lunch are available for pick up on the south side of the school building Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Adults in need of a meal or hygiene kit are also welcome to attend.

Those wanting to participate are asked to fill out an online form here.

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