KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A violent weekend north of the river left two teens injured from a shooting on Friday night and another allegedly shot and killed by his stepfather Sunday morning.

“Families are suffering right now, they’re grieving, they’re hurt and there is no explanation. There’s just no explanation,” Janeth Smith, a parent of a student at Staley, said.  

All three victims are students at Staley High School in Kansas City’s Northland.

That man who police say killed his stepson also was an elementary school teacher. He made his first appearance in a Clay County courtroom Monday afternoon.  

Eighteen-year-old Joseph Bonaccorso was killed, and now his stepfather, Steven Woods, has been charged with several felonies, including one count of murder and two counts of armed criminal action.

Court documents are detailed and sad, as they describes the moments the teen’s mom tried to shield him. In the end, it was too late.  

A wooden board now covers the front door of what used to be the Woods’ family home.

“Heartbreaking that what we are feeling, you know as a community. It’s just unexplainable. Nobody expects somebody this young, their life to be taken away so soon,” Smith said.

According to court documents, Woods was leaving a pool party with his wife. That’s when she noticed he was communicating with another women.  

When they got home, Woods’ wife got a hold of his phone and locked herself in the bathroom. That is when Woods made a violent entry, breaking down the bathroom door. 

Another child of Woods’ wife called Bonaccorso.

When he showed up to the home, he attempted to get in the master bedroom where Woods was locked inside.  

During this time — while the accounts differ — Woods opened the door and he fired at least five shots with a 9-millimeter pistol into Bonaccorso’s chest.  

Bonaccorso was later pronounced dead at the scene.

Woods then fired another shot through the front door with a shotgun that hit his wife.

“It’s just heartbreaking. The fact that somebody gets — takes the life of another in seconds,” Smith said.

It was a sad and violent weekend for the Staley community, as two other teens were injured in a separate shooting Friday. 

In a statement  in a statement to parents Principal Dr. Larry Smith said: 

Falcon families,  

I am sorry to share sad news with you this evening. As you may have seen, this weekend two shootings occurred in neighborhoods near Staley. On Friday evening, two Staley students were victims of a late-night shooting near QuikTrip. One was seriously injured and another hurt. In a separate incident on Sunday morning, one of our students died after being a victim of a shooting connected to domestic violence. This is a terrible loss, and these were awful tragedies that no family should ever have to navigate. 

Both incidents hit close to home, and we all share in the shock and grief in hearing this news. While I cannot share further details at this time due to ongoing investigations, I know I speak for all of us when I say our hearts go out to our students and the families of all those impacted by this violence. Our administrative team has been in touch to provide support where we can. We ask that all respect their privacy during this time. 

We know students may have varied reactions to this news. Any reaction, from withdrawal to fear, crying or anger is normal in the grief process. Our staff is ready to support any students who may need help processing during this time. If you feel that your child or family needs further assistance, please contact us at 816-321-5330, and we will connect you with support.  

As always, safety is our top priority. To that end, our layered security measures and support of School Resource Deputies continue to ensure our school is a safe environment. Our deputies and district Safety & Security Department have been in close contact with law enforcement throughout the weekend, monitoring both situations. To further ease any concerns students may have, we will also have an increased security presence at school to begin our week to provide peace of mind and support for our community.   

Our thoughts and hearts are with these students, their families and friends, and the entire Staley community. As we look ahead to our Homecoming week, let us focus on coming together as One Falcon, One Family in support of each other. If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at 816-321-5330. 


Dr. Larry Smith 

Staley Principal 

FOX4 spoke on the phone with Bonaccorso’s mom. She remains in the hospital. 

Court documents also mention that Woods shot Bonaccorso’s father in 2016, but that was deemed self-defense.

The other teens that were in the home when this all happened are all OK physically but are dealing with the emotional trauma of losing their friend.

Woods was a teacher at Maple Elementary in the Smithville School District. In a note to families, the superintendent said they are aware of the situation, and he has been placed on administrative leave.

Woods is due back in court for a bond hearing Oct. 2.