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TOPEKA — Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly signed a bill Thursday that will raise the penalty for stalking in the state, specifically if the victim is a minor.

The bill, HB 2071, passed both sides of the Kansas Legislature and will make it a felony to stalk any minor under 14 years old.

The bill passed after testimony from 11-year-old Addalyn Antonucci of Olathe.

Antonucci was allegedly stalked by a 58-year-old former teacher at Meadow Lane Elementary School named James Loganbill.

Upon his arrest in 2020, detectives found 210 pictures and 31 videos of Addalyn on Loganbill’s phone and iPad.

He was charged with reckless stalking which carries a maximum sentence of only one-year. Addalyn and her mom Kristyn became activists working to strengthen the punishment for this crime.

“It was really hard. I mean, I don’t think any kid should have to go through something like that, but now that we can make this really cool law, it’s definitely worth all of that.” Addalyn Antonucci said.

Addalyn’s mom Kristyn was brought to tears by her daughter’s bravery. 

“Yes, I mean, our whole family has been so proud of how she’s handled this.” Kristyn said.

Addalyn and some of her classmates have to appear in Loganbill’s trial on June 2nd. He has pleaded not guilty.