State of Texas Looking for Nuisance Alligator Hunters

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SAN ANTONIO, Tex. — The state of Texas is looking for alligator hunters. In the last year, the state has seen more than half a million alligators. Now, the state is looking for people to help catch the animals when there is a report they’re causing trouble.

In 2011, budget cuts forced Parks & Wildlife to downsize the alligator division to one person. Now, Amos Cooper is the only person employed in that division. He says he hopes extending the offer to the public to be alligator hunters will help.

“We should have a good nesting season this year,” Cooper said. “Hopefully it works for us because we can no longer afford to deal with it.”

About 30-years ago, the alligator was listed as an endangered species. Now, the population is healthy.

Since the state can no longer keep up with the increase in nuisance alligator calls, they’re hoping the public will take an interest an offer some help. Although it’s not a job that pays well, nuisance alligator hunters can sell their services.



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