Statute of limitations to run out on million-dollar Plaza jewelry heist

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Three years after Vinca Jewelry was robbed, no arrests have been made or even suspects targeted. Vinca Jewelry owner, Simon Zouein, says he believes the police let the case get cold.

"I don't think they tried to catch somebody," said Zouein. "If you don't want to follow the lead, you make a fool of everybody, you must follow, if you don't follow you don't get it."

Zouein has operated his store for 40 years. He has loyal customers, and until three years ago, never had a problem. With no arrests and the statute of limitations expiring in a matter of days, the crooks who robbed Zouein will most likely get away with it.

Kansas City Mo., police said the case is still open but there are no new leads. Police also said the lack of record keeping by Zouein made the investigation more difficult to track what was stolen.

According to police, the thieves spent hours drilling through a concrete wall before hitting the steel safe. The drilling occurred in a service corridor, shielded by a door.

"It was closed," Zouein said. "Basically, you come to the door, it has no window, everything inside is hidden. They can do BBQ in there nobody would know."

Now that door has a window and Zouein says Plaza security has increased its patrol around the shop.

Loose diamonds, rings, black pearls and other jewelry was stolen, totaling about $1 million.

The statute of limitations for the crime expires Friday.

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