Stimulus problems persist for metro man trying to get full payment from H&R Block


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — H&R Block and Turbo Tax now say they’ve returned millions of taxpayer stimulus dollars after funds were mistakenly deposited in refund accounts. But one metro man says he is still fighting to get all the money he was owed.

Federal stimulus payments this spring were much needed for millions who lost jobs during the pandemic, including Phil Huebner.

“I was unemployed when the first stimulus check came out and it did go right into my bank account and it was very helpful,” said Huebner.

But this time, he and thousands of others experienced an error getting the second round of COVID relief payments. As FOX4 shared this week, many H&R Block and Turbo Tax customers had money sent to temporary accounts designed to accept tax refunds each year

Huebner got an email from H&R explaining the mess and promising his money would get transferred to his account quickly.

“I went to my bank account and sure enough did see money in there,” Huebner said.

The problem is that a chunk was missing: $85.60 to be exact.

“I remember when money gets deposited into that refund account, H&R Block typically takes out a fee. So I called the phone number provided by H&R Block on their email to ask them ask them why did they send us money, a refund, without all the money?” said Huebner.

Huebner says he sat on hold only to get an automated recording, then getting disconnected. He tried the number several times with no luck.

“The fact that H&R block took that fee, I was flabbergasted that they would do that,” he said.

In a statement, the tax prep company told FOX4:

“H&R Block has processed all stimulus payments to millions of our customers, whether via direct deposit to a bank account, check, or onto our Emerald Prepaid Mastercard®.

Direct deposits and payments onto Emerald Cards should have been received no later than Wednesday. If any customers have not yet received their stimulus money, we encourage them to please contact us at 800-HRBLOCK or @HRBlockAnswers on Twitter. Emerald Card customers should call 866-353-1266.  We have automated tools and live expert help ready to assist.”

The company also promised to get to the bottom of Huebner’s missing money.

“I absolutely love any company that works out of Kansas City. I’m a big Kansas City fan. But you know what, take responsibility for your actions,” he said.

Huebner shared after FOX4 started digging, H&R Block contacted him and stated that they had issued the full amount of what the IRS had sent out and that the IRS did not send a full $600 to everyone and the IRS had put that out. 

Heubner told FOX4, “I have not heard that and went to the site: Questions and Answers about the Second Economic Impact Payment | Internal Revenue Service ( and did not see this statement. I do not make above $75,000. In fact, my tax returns from last year show a much reduced amount. I don’t want to doubt them, but I did ask that they should have been more clear in their email that was sent out.”



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