Stolen car leaves a delivery driver in tears

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A nightmare for any deliver driver became reality for Bryce Morlang.

Someone stole his car Saturday afternoon in between orders at Artego Pizza.

“I woke up this morning hoping it was a dream,” Artego Pizza Delivery Driver Morland said.

It’s a Silver 2002 Infinity G-20 with Missouri tag number EA0-61D.

“It just puts a hardship on somebody when they don’t have car to do their job,” Delivery Dir. of Operations Mike Cruz said.

Morlang ran in the back of Artego to pick-up his next order. He said a co-worker needed help kneading dough, so he was inside longer than expected.

After about 20 min. Inside Morlang was in for a big surprise outside. A thief took the very thing Morlang needs to provide for his family.

“My whole world got changed,” Morlang said. “I ran out front. Looked around parking lot came back out here and realized it was gone and fell to my knees.”

On his knees in tears because this car holds sentimental value. It was his grandpa’s who passed away about a year ago.

“I’ve never had anything like this happen to me before,” Morlang said. “With all the other stuff going on and trying to support a family with already losing business it was devastating.”

Cruz said it’s just another blow to the business, too. They’re working hard to stay afloat. They depend on deliveries and carryout in the midst of this pandemic.

“He needs it to work and everybody’s struggling for money right now and just trying to do their job and get through this,” Cruz said.

The owner is rewarding anyone who has a tip that lead to this car being found with free pizza.

The stolen vehicle.

“Just bring it back, man,” Morlang said. “Just bring it back and leave it out here.”

Morlang has filed a police report.

There are security cameras all around the building. They are hopeful police will catch the crook when the owner looks at the footage Monday.

The owner of Artego Pizza has added a $500 reward in addition to the free pizza.

If you know anything about the incident, call Artego Pizza at 816-960-4787.



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