LAWRENCE, Kan. — A Lawrence woman said it’s time for three women to learn a lesson. That’s why she’s asking for three women to face charges for allegedly stealing her son’s scooter.

Jennifer Lammo said 7-year-old Brantley lives with a form of Autism and loves his three-wheeled Lightning McQueen scooter.

He rode the scooter to Walmart Sunday when he and his mother shopped. Lammo said they had to park the scooter outside the store’s front door because the company doesn’t allow bikes or scooters to be brought inside.

The scooter was gone when the mother and son were ready to go home.

Lammo called police. Officers investigated and released surveillance pictures of three women they said took the scooter from the store. One of the pictures showed a woman with what appeared to be the scooter.

After tweeting the images the women turned the scooter over to police.

“I am grateful and thankful that the girls did the right thing, turned themselves in and returned his scooter,” Jennifer Lammo said. “I think he’s happy.”

Police said the women thought someone abandoned the scooter because it wasn’t locked up and or have a name on it.

Jennifer Lammo said she’s still pushing to press charges.

Lammo said after people heard about the missing scooter, she received offers from strangers to buy Brantley a new one. Police said one thoughtful stranger did go ahead and get Brantley a back-up scooter. Safe Kids donated a new helmet.

The women involved asked police to release the following statement to the public:

“We all drove to Walmart around 10:20pm on Sunday. Going in, we noticed a tiny, old, beaten down scooter leaning on the blue pole outside of Walmart near the street and entrance.

It wasn’t tied to anything, had no name on it, and had absolutely no one around it.

After being in Walmart for about half an hour, we ended up walking out to see the scooter was still there. It looked abandoned and we truly thought it didn’t belong to anyone since it was so late at night and Walmart was about to close.

After riding it and taking it, I can say we truly had no intention of stealing it or keeping it forever.

This is all a huge misunderstanding, and we would have never taken a little boy’s scooter away from him if we had known it belonged to him.

We all feel heartbroken for the child and are all very sorry.

Seeing all the posts and comments on it the next day, we all came down as soon as we could to return it to the police station.

We tried to talk to the mother so we could explain and apologize but she would not talk to us.

We all are regretful and feel awful about taking the scooter. We hope the family can forgive us and we wish there was more we could do to help this situation.”

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