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PRAIRIE VILLAGE, Kan. — The annual Prairie Village Art Show is back in full spring.

It’s been canceled the last few years due to the pandemic, but this time around there’s still a missing piece.

Richard Heinze said he should’ve been selling his photography work, but it was stolen overnight.

“I’ve been working for weeks and weeks preparing all the new material to take to the show,” Heize said. “It’s not things that can easily be replaced and I can never replace the opportunity to do that show.”

Heinze said his car with a trailer attached with all his work was parked in a Plaza garage.

“I was locked, but they must have just cut or broke the lock off,” Heinze said.

Not only was his work inside, his set up material was too.

“Everything that goes along is going to be very hard to replace,” Heinze said. “The enclosures are professional tents. All weather tents that are very sturdy.”

Now he’s out of about $30,000 and left to rebuild.

The investment required ,you know, I made that investment over years as far as getting a trailer, the enclosures and the panels,” Heinze said. The challenge of refunding all that will be very difficult.”