Strange behavior of driver who caused multi-car crash

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ATLANTA — Police in Georgia are looking for a driver who was caught on camera sleeping in his car and causing a traffic jam on a busy highway on Saturday, then caused a multi-car wreck when he tried to get away in his truck.

The strangeness didn’t end there. After the crashes, the man ran from the scene of the crash, climbing a tree and barbed wire fence.

“I was afraid he was gonna get hit by a car when he got over the fence over there,” a witness said.

News cameras were rolling during much of the bizarre incident and Atlanta-area reporter Liz Artz was one of the first to call police on the man when she saw him through the window, slumped over and drooling.

“He’s either drunk or very sick,” she reported. “Something is clearly wrong with him.”

Watch her video report in the player above to see the wreck happen and the Georgia Department of Transportation worker who took the man’s keys away from him so he couldn’t hurt anyone. No one was seriously injured in the incident.



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