Strong storms pelt Harrisonville, causing extensive damage

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February 07 2021 05:30 pm

HARRISONVILLE, Mo. — Thunderstorms on Sunday, September 27, left a mess. Several homes and businesses went all day with no power.

“It was very, very strong,” homeowner Rose Grimmith said. “The trees were leaning over. It was raining very hard, and then it got really quiet.”

Grimmith said she could hear how powerful the thunderstorm was from inside her home.

“Myself and my husband started to think it may be a tornado, so we started watching out,” said Grimmith.

Even though Grimmith had no damage at her home others in Harrisonville weren’t so lucky. A homeowner, who didn’t want to talk on camera, had a busted window and roof where a ripped up tree fell. He said the tree came directly into his bedroom.

“It was just like a huge gusts sound, and all of a sudden, it just got real windy, and the leaves started going crazy, and it was raining a lot harder,” homeowner Jesse Anderson said.

Anderson found downed branches in his front yard after the thunderstorm.

“We had, like, smaller branches before,” Anderson said. “This is definitely the biggest one that we’ve had.”

He said he believes the only thing the branches damaged were his gutters.



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