Stronger stench from Johnson County landfill leaves neighbors longing for answers

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SHAWNEE, Kan. — People living near the Johnson County Landfill said the odor is stronger than it has been in years past and they want answers. Mayor Mike Olson of Lake Quivira said he gathered 100 signatures on a petition, asking the city of Shawnee to investigate the problem.

Staff with Deffenbaugh said they believe a large amount of decomposing grass clippings are causing the stench. A media relations spokeswoman for Deffenbaugh said it has received 39 complaints between May 1 and June 13 of this year, 18 of which have been validated.

She said the spike of complaints came around the same time the landfill received a large amount of decomposing yard waste.

Right now, staff with Deffenbaugh said it will be using extra deodorizers and monitoring the direction of the wind. Staff said the goal is to process the trash on days when the wind is not traveling in the same direction as nearby homes.



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