NORTH KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A student is in custody after a gun was found in their possession at North Kansas City High School on Wednesday

In a letter sent home to parents, Principal Drew White said that another student reported the gun to a one of the security officers on campus.

That student in question was already in the office with a school administrator and school resource officers.

A firearm was found in the student’s possession and confiscated immediately by police.

The student was taken into custody and the school said policy and protocol are now being followed.

Students likely did not notice any interruption to their day. Law enforcement advised us that there was no need to lock down, since the student’s location was already known and they addressed it within seconds. The entire incident was handled within seconds and limited to one office. This was not connected in any way to the fake phone call received last week. 

North Kansas City High School

Principal White commended the student who reported the incident to the school and encouraged more students to do the same.

“If they know something; tell someone. These efforts are critical, and I appreciate the student that shared their concern,” White said. “Please know that student safety is my first priority, and that we are always reviewing our security measures to ensure a safe learning environment at Northtown.”

Last week, the FBI said they were investigating swatting calls about an active shooter at North Kansas City High School.

Police secured the building and lifted a lockdown that was put in place.