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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — FOX 4 obtained more than 500 pages of documents that shed fresh light on the life of young Adrian Jones, the boy found dead in a Kansas City, Kan., hog pen. The documents are from the Missouri Department of Social Services Children’s Division.

The records reflect that from early March of 2013 to late August of that year, when Adrian and his family lived in Clinton County, Mo., hotline reports led case workers to their Plattsburg rental property on multiple occasions. In spite of findings of likely neglect and abuse, the family returned to Kansas where Adrian was eventually murdered.

The first call alleged unsanitary conditions, neglect, even an “active meth lab.” One day later on March 5, records show a caseworker visited the home and found Michael and Heather Jones cooperative and at home with five children, including Adrian. They found none of the allegations were true, and deemed the home safe.

The interviews did raise a “red flag” though, an admission of trouble when the family lived in Kansas. Kansas records eventually obtained by Missouri investigators in April revealed that in June of 2012, an unnamed child of Heather Jones was taken into protective custody for child abuse.

Over the next few months, follow-up Missouri visits raised new alarms, though initially nothing was substantiated, including allegations by Adrian of being “locked in his room,” “kicked on the back of my head and little bones come out,” and “punches in the stomach.”

On one July visit, documents reveal Plattsburg police arrived and warned the caseworker “they believe this guy -Michael Jones- is bad news” with an “arsenal of guns.”

On August 20, 2013, both Heather and Michael Jones are notified by letter that they must answer to allegations of neglect and physical abuse involving Adrian. Shortly after, the family returned to Kansas. Police were called to their KCK home the day before Thanksgiving in 2015, the boy’s body was discovered on Thanksgiving after investigators obtained a search warrant.

Wyandotte County prosecutors charged both Heather and Michael Jones with murder. They pleaded guilty and are serving life terms.

Meanwhile, FOX 4 asked for the Kansas child welfare records in the case. The state replied that those documents are sealed.