Summer of Love: Compassionate 10-year old known for helping aunt with insulin shots

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. — Sometimes, kindness comes from places you wouldn’t expect. When a metro senior citizen needed help, it came from someone six decades younger.

“Are you ready, Aunt Lou?” 10-year-old Natalia Benitez asked.

Medicine can heal our bodies, but a dose of compassion is good for the soul.

KCK’s Lou Behringer said she isn’t in the best of health right now. The 73-year-old said she has a form of arthritis, which makes it a challenge for her to administer her insulin shots. She needs them four times each day as treatment for diabetes.

“I’m afraid I’m going to mess it up,” Behringer said. “I get really shaky and nervous and forgetful.”

Benitez, her great niece, noticed her struggling with her medicines and shots. Behringer said, on the spot, the fourth-grader learned to use an injection pen and insulin doses to help her great aunt.

“She takes it before every meal, so I help her before every meal. Sometimes, I help her before bedtime. Nine o’clock is when she takes it,” Benitez said.

“I was really shocked. She’s never failed. She’s done it every time,” Behringer smiled.

Benitez said she was nervous the first time she gave Aunt Lou that insulin injection, but it worked.

She’s a smart young lady, and her family wonders if a career as a doctor or nurse might come from this shot of kindness.

“You love them, and you have to do the best you can do while they’re here,” Benitez said.

“God has blessed me with Natalia. I hope there’s many more kids like her. I would hope there would be,” Behringer said.

But kids like Benitez aren’t common. That’s what makes them special.

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