Sunday school teacher’s son at center of investigation into missing Wisconsin brothers

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BRAYMER, Mo. — A joint news conference by the Clinton and Caldwell County officials Monday did little to answer a community’s questions about what happened to two Wisconsin brothers and who’s responsible for their suspected deaths.

While the families of Nick and Justin Diemel wait for answers, so does the family of 25-year-old Garland “Joey” Nelson.

Nelson is being held without bond, accused of driving the missing Diemel brother’s rental truck to a lot where it was found abandoned a week ago.

It’s his family’s farm near Braymer, Missouri where the search has been centered the past week.

What happened to the Diemel brothers after they visited the Nelson farm as part of a months long cattle deal on a Sunday morning remains a mystery. But it’s no mystery where you’ll find most of the Nelson family every Sunday morning.

“His grandma, his mother, his brothers and sisters all come to our church. Some of the most faithful members we have in our church,” Roger Null said.

And Sunday morning, Nelson’s family were in the pews at First Baptist Church in Braymer. His mother was in her usual role, leading Sunday school class.

“It would have been easy to just kind of hidden away at home, and they didn’t do that. They came and were a normal part of everything that we do,” Pastor Ronnie Foley said.

Foley offered the following words in his Sunday sermon:

“One week ago today, a terrible tragedy unfolded in our community. We are still living with the aftermath of that tragedy and apparently will be doing so for quite some time.

As the pastor of First Baptist Church it is my duty to remind you of a number of things.

First, none of us knows the truth of what happened last Sunday, much less the whole truth. The second most un-Christian thing we can do is rush to judgement concerning a matter that we know very little about.

The first most un-Christian thing that we can to is to gossip about it. If you want to think about the situation, do so in prayer before God. If you want to talk about it, do so in prayer to God.

Second, the Bible is clear that we each one will stand before God and be judged on what we have done. God does not hold the fathers accountable for the sins of the sons nor the sons accountable for the sins of the fathers.

Once the truth is revealed, justice can be served based on the actions and responsibilities of those involved.

Do not seek to hold accountable anyone for the actions of their family members, especially so before the truth is fully revealed.

Third, remember that there are two families today that are deeply hurting. Regardless of exactly who did what, many innocent people have had their lives turned upside down by the actions of others – actions that were completely outside of their control.

Pray for the Diemel family in their time of loss and unanswered questions. Pray also for Joey Nelson’s family as they have also experienced a loss and have just as many unanswered questions.

Fourth, one of those families is a part or our church family. Some of us are related to them by marriage, some by blood and all by the blood of Jesus Christ. It is our privilege and responsibility to minister to them and provide them a safe haven as they grieve and try to heal.

Be the Christians that you claim to be.

Last, pray for the truth, the whole truth to be revealed. Pray for the leadership of the Holy Spirit upon those within the investigation. Pray that God will shine His light of truth into the dark corners of this tragedy and bring everything into the light.

Pray that those who know what really happened will step forward or be found and tell what they know. Pray that the investigators will find conclusive evidence that proves beyond any doubt the details of the whole story.

God is a God of truth. Jesus said, ‘I am the Way the Truth and the Life.’ Jesus calls the Holy Spirit the ‘Spirit of Truth.’ Pray for the truth.”



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