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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — There’s a happy tune in the heart of Chiefs fans.

Music inspired by Kansas City’s berth in Super Bowl LIV is ringing out, and musicians within Chiefs Kingdom are singing along.

A new anthem wails from Arrowhead Stadium, one of victory, after the Chiefs won the right to play in the Super Bowl for the first time in 50 years. Sunday’s victory over Tennessee has inspired all kinds of music from artists ranging from grassroots to the big time.

On Tuesday, Melissa Etheridge’s voice thundered from California, performing for FOX4 via Skype.

“The Chiefs must have won the AFC and we`re headed to the Super Bowl,” the popular recording artist sang as she played her Gibson guitar on Tuesday.

Etheridge, a native of Leavenworth, leaves no doubt she’s a Chiefs fanatic.

Earlier this week, the two-time Grammy winner appeared on a national talk-show, one that asked her at the spur-of-the-moment to write and perform a Super Bowl song about the Chiefs, who haven’t played in a Super Bowl since 1970.

“They called me the night of the playoff game and said, ‘OK, they won. Are you going to do a song?’ OK, great, I have two hours to write a song,” Etheridge laughed with FOX4.

Etheridge is often seen rocking a red and gold Chiefs hat around Hollywood, and the song she came up with is a hit with fans, one that’s been viewed on social media thousands of times.

She was at home in Southern California during the AFC title game, but she’s considering a trip to Miami to see the Chiefs battle the 49ers.

“This year, it’s like, ‘Wow, my team is finally getting the love.’ You finally see people talking about Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid, and you see everyone saying they hope Andy wins,” Etheridge said.

Closer to home, Grain Valley’s Jeff Flowers sits at his piano, channeling his inner Michael Buble.

“I like that kind of singer-songwriter or that old crooner stuff,” Flowers said Tuesday.

Flowers, a native of Blue Springs, said most of his music is performed at First Baptist Church of Blue Springs.The impromptu tune he recorded on Sunday is proving to be a Facebook treat in its own right.

“These wins we’ve been collecting — the last two years, really, with Mahomes and all the guys we have — have been incredible. The things they’re doing, it just feels like it’s our year to go all the way,” Flowers said.

“I’m going to make a whole lot of noise. I’m going to wave my flags and let it last as long as it lasts,” Etheridge added.

As for February 2nd’s Super Bowl, Demi Lovato is slated to perform the national anthem.