Superstitious nachos power Game 5 comeback

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — It’s the story of a pair of sections out at Kauffman Stadium, their battle against the Royals cleaning crew, and the sacrifices they made to make sure the Boys in Blue won.

It all started with Royals down 2-1 in Game 5, and an unfortunate spill of some nachos right in between sections 403 and 405. Right when the nachos went by the wayside so did the Astros lead. With the Royals then up 4 to 2, they set out to make sure those nachos didn’t go anywhere.

“It started out with about five or six of us, it quickly turned into about 60 or 70 of us protecting the nachos,” Kevin Cooper said. “We would say hold on you got to walk around these, every one agreed there was something special about those nachos that need to be protected.”

Every one except the Royals cleaning crew, who said they were a hazard, and finally cleaned them up. Scared that might upset the “Baseball Gods,” someone sacrificed another set of nachos to the stairs, and low and behold Kendrys Morales hit a three-run homer and the Royals went on to win 7-2.

The Webb City Assistant Superintendent and his son were able to get tickets back out to the ballpark Friday night, but not in Section 403 or 405. They were in the front row next to the field. Cooper said if things didn’t start out well, he’d buy some nachos, and head to the Upper Deck.

That wasn’t needed as the Royals took an early lead on their way to a 5-0 victory over the Blue Jays.



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