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LIBERTY, Mo. — There’s an outpouring of support for a Liberty boy with Asperger’s syndrome, who’s recovering after another student severely beat him at Liberty Middle School.

Blake Kitchen had to be hospitalized after the attack, and others are rallying around him. Blake’s mother Destiny says the Liberty middle schooler was so badly beaten, he suffered a fractured skull, fractured jaw line, and damage to his ear.

It’s enough to break any mother’s heart.

“It makes me sad and angry to have that moment of terror, that, is your son going to make it? To listen to him cry and say, ‘mommy ,I’m going to die,'” said Destiny Kitchen.

It appears her heart isn’t the only one hurting after what happened to Blake. Dozens of people turned to Facebook to show their support by changing their Facebook profiles to a sign reading: Blue for Blake Stop Bullying.

Among them was radio personality and producer Mary McKenna.

“How simple is that? So I did it and everyone is like, ‘oh that’s so great.’ But really, we have to get outraged,” said McKenna.

“I’m sitting there and my mouth is agape. I just couldn’t believe that this happened. There was bullying in schools when I went to school, but not to this extent,” she continued.

BlakeMcKenna fears Blake’s story will fade into the background in a couple of weeks, and says the real way to honor him is through action.

“Maybe we all do need to stay on top of stories like this. Stay in front of the Liberty school district and the administration, and the school board and make sure that change has happened,” said McKenna.

Meanwhile a Facebook group, Cards and Letters for Blake, has already amassed more than 1,200 members. A GoFundMe account has brought in a little more than $2,300 as of Wednesday night to help pay for medical expenses.

Fox 4 also heard from students who say they put up homemade poster that read “Prayers for Blake” at school and were sad to see them taken down. The school district has not commented on their claims.