KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The family of Ryan Stokes said they are still seeking clarity 10 years later.

Stokes was shot to death by a KCPD officer, William Thompson, in 2013.

The 24-year-old was fatally shot twice in the back in the Power & Light District in 2013. He was falsely accused of stealing a cellphone and, according to the officer, believed to have a gun at the time of the shooting.

Neither were true.

“So, I’m standing here because this is the beginning,” Narene Crosby, Stokes’ mom said. “This is where it started and this is where I want them to change or hear me asking for change you know? They haven’t even come to me and ask for forgiveness.”

Friday morning Stokes’ supporters came out to remember his life but also make demands.

The officers involved in the shooting were cleared by a grand jury and were never charged.

The family filed a civil lawsuit, and the court granted Thompson qualified immunity.

Stokes’ family appealed to the Supreme Court, but it recently refused to hear the case.

“They want us to accept that they shot him and leave it as that but no I’m not,” Crosby said.

“Why is there this double standard from our employees,” Justice Gatson, director at Reale Justice Network, said. “You have to remember that this system is funded with our tax dollars.”

Moving forward, Stokes’ family has a list of demands.

  1. Officer’s badge revoked if they don’t intervene during an altercation between someone and another person.
  2. Officer’s badge revoked if they are found doing misconduct.
    KCPD said it strongly believes in the duty to intervene and have made changes in recent years.
    The department also said the accrediting entity for police does have the power to suspend a peace officers license irrespective of the individual’s department actions taken.

A BBQ is happening Sunday, August 6 for Stokes from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. at The View located at 13500 Byars Road, Grandview, Missouri 64030.