Suspect arrested after woman’s car stolen while she aired up her tires

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INDEPENDENCE, Mo. — A woman stopped at a metro QuikTrip to air up her tires, and was nearly run over as a thief made off with her SUV.  It happened Wednesday morning near East 39th Street and Bolger Road in Independence. Surveillance footage captured the brazen crime; and on Thursday police said they have a suspect in custody.

FOX 4 will release the suspect’s identity once charges are filed.

Maggie Tatum said the thief seemingly came out of nowhere and jumped in her vehicle’s driver’s seat.

“I think maybe he was waiting in this median over here,” she said, looking over the surveillance footage.

She said it took only seconds, but it was the scare of her life.

“It was really scary. I think I was in shock for a little while,” she recalled.

Around 6 a.m. she was on her way to work when she stopped at the gas station to air up here tires. Within moments, the man hopped in her 2005 black Chevy Pacifica. Tatum quickly opened the passenger door, but the thief put the car in reverse and started backing out quickly.

“I pulled into the gas station’s parking lot just to air up my tire before I went to work. When I heard my door shut I jumped up and there he was taking off in my car,” said the 32-year-old Tatum. “When I ran and opened the door, he started pulling off really fast. The front passenger door I now know that I shouldn’t have opened, hit me. I fell to the ground real hard, hit my head on the concrete and he then ran over my left foot,” says Maggie as she stood there in lots of pain and watched the thief steal her black, 2005 Chevy Pacifica.

Police say security cameras at the gas station caught the bold, broad daylight crime on video.

Now, Maggie just wants the stranger who also stole her house keys, her credit cards and driver’s license caught.

Late Wednesday afternoon some comfort finally some comforting news of sorts for Maggie.

“The police called me and told they recovered my vehicle somewhere in Blue Springs. Several of my stolen items were in the car, but they didn’t find my keys, ” Maggie told FOX 4’S Robert Townsend.

“My head’s in a lot of pain right now. Thankfully it wasn’t much worse. I just want him caught and punished,” Tatum said.



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