Surveillance video may lead police to suspects in 9ine Ultra Lounge parking lot shooting

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Shell casings litter a strip mall parking lot Sunday where Kansas City Police said four people were shot early that morning. Newly released security camera footage that you will only see on FOX4 will hopefully help police piece together what happened and who is responsible.

The shooting happened just after 2 a.m. Police said the shooting stemmed from an argument inside the nightclub, and then spilled out to the parking lot.

Alphonso Hodge claims that is not true. 

“It was after hours. The club was closed. Staff was out. Front of 9ine was clear. Everyone was out of the building. I was on my way home,” Hodge said.

Dozens of white circles cover the concrete just a few parking rows over from the club entrance where police used chalk to mark shell casings.

“My first thought was — somebody’s died again,” Owner of Motorcycle Safety Center Jerry White said.

A shooting outside the club earlier this year resulted in two deaths and 15 people injured.

White owns a neighboring business. He found a bullet hole in his class store-front and the bullet lodged in the wall inside.

He said this violence here will not change if the nightclub stays in business.

“It needs to stop. This is a material thing. It can be replaced. These lives — you can’t replace them,” White said.

The 9ine Ultra Lounge is the only business along the strip mall that’s open past midnight, a nearby business owner told FOX4.

Dozens of shots fired. Four people were critically injured. At the scene, police found one man in his 40’s with gunshot wounds to his legs.

The other victims, a woman in her 20’s and two men in their 30’s, showed up at two different hospitals with gunshot wounds. All of them told police they were shot in the same parking lot.

“It happened so far from the actual club that my camera view doesn’t even see it,” Hodge said.

Hodge claims his club was closed and no one was inside at the time of the shooting.

“We cleared them from in front of the club, and they just want to show off and drive their cars, do burnouts and stuff — there’s nothing you can do once the establishment is closed,” Hodge said.

Hodge said they cannot control what happens after-hours. Mayor Quinton Lucas disagrees.

“The people were there because of the bar; the activity arises because of what was happening in the bar before. Either through better screening, better security, outdoor security — which lots of bars and taverns in our city have and pay for at their own expense to make sure people will be safe,” Lucas said. “That’s what you do to make sure your customers, your patrons will be safe.”

Regulated Industries is continuing to recommend revoking the liquor license of the 9ine Ultra Lounge.

On August 21, 2020, the city sent this letter to the owner. Hodge claims he only got an email about a possible hearing.

As for that hearing, Regulated industries is working to schedule it.

Hodge said he does not plan to close the club but will follow the guidelines.

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