Survive KC: New real-life video game course opens this weekend in Union Station’s attic

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — It’s a science experiment gone wrong. Will you survive?

Zombies, laser tag, blood, twists and turns. That’s what Survive KC is offering you starting this Friday.

The course sits in the attic of Union Station, in a part of the building where they say ghosts live and thrive. Owner Jason Mendez hopes the new experience gets people off their couches.

“It’s a new experience that we brought to Kansas City. We love to tell people that it’s like a real-life video game. Instead of sitting on your couch playing it, you’re actually getting up and coming,” Mendez said.

The course, which covers almost 13,000 square feet, takes about 20 minutes to complete in real-game action. Survive KC uses military-style training weapons and technology.

Mendez said be ready to be terrified: “Be ready to have a good time and to be scared.”

Survive KC is on the sixth and seventh floors of Union Station. The area has never been open to the public until now.

Jerry Baber with Union Station said it fits with what the landmark is trying to bring to the metro.

“What we like to do is have things here that people can do together, so you know to do it as a family, as a team, as a work group, as a school group,” Baber said.

Survive KC opens at Union Station on Friday. Tickets are $15 for kids and about $30 for adults.

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