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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Pushback on charges filed in the crash that killed Kansas City Police Officer James Muhlbauer and his K9 Officer Champ, as well as pedestrian Jesse Eckes.

Some are upset the charges aren’t harsh enough.

Jeeron Lightfoot was charged with two counts of first-degree involuntary manslaughter.

“I agree with that and it’s really hard because people are emotionally charged right about now and they want something done, but you always have to be guided by the law and the facts,” Lawyer Tracey Chappell-Vick said.

Court records said Lightfoot was allegedly driving 85 mph.

Records go on to say he ran through an intersection, hit the police car Muhlbauer was in. The impact caused Muhlbauer to hit Eckes.

“When you start looking at the different degrees of murder, the first-degree murder would not fit the criteria,” Chappell-Vick said. “The second-degree murder would not fit. He didn’t knowingly try to hit the officer or there was not any evidence that he knowingly tried to hit the officer, so then you have to skip down to lesser included offenses of murder.”

The prosecutor’s office said Lightfoot was not impaired when the crash happened which Chappell-Vick said played a role in the charges.

“So when you’re looking an involuntary manslaughter in the first degree, what you’re basically saying is that obviously a murder happened but it was done because of a reckless act and so when we look at speeding at 85 mph we’re gonna say that that was something that was reckless,” Chappell-Vick said.