KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The fugitive wounded by a member of the U.S Marshal’s task force appeared in federal court Thursday.

FOX4 learned more about why the U.S. Marshal’s task force was looking for DeAnthony Tanner in the first place.

At the Federal Courthouse in downtown Kansas City, Tanner had his first appearance and preliminary hearing.

It did not involve the shooting Wednesday when an officer wounded the 22-year-old. The judge did reveal how Tanner’s accused of violating his parole.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Jill Morris listed off several rules for his parole.

The 22-year-old had to avoid any new violations. In May of last year, the judge said Tanner allegedly went to his dad’s house, got into an argument and shot into a vehicle.

The judge also said Tanner failed to alert his parole officer when he moved. He was also supposed to steer clear of illegal substances, but the judge said according to records, a drug test in May was positive for marijuana.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol said Tanner was also wanted for felony probation. Plus, a Jackson County warrant for felony assault with a weapon.

The task force spotted Tanner Wednesday near E. 25th Street and Jackson Avenue.

Agents tried to arrest him, and he ran, inciting a brief chase.

The highway patrol said their initial reports indicate an officer saw Tanner reach for an AR-15 style pistol in his waistband.

An officer shot Tanner in the arm.

Tanner went to the hospital to be treated, but he was out and was in court Thursday.

His next court date was not immediately set following the hearing. FOX4 has not heard from his attorney.

Meantime, MSHP is investigating since the shooting involved a Kansas City police officer who was working for a special task force.