Suspect who allegedly kidnapped, beat woman turns himself in

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A spokesman with the Kansas City Police Department confirmed that the suspect from a Wednesday kidnapping has turned himself in. At this point no identity has been released because charges have not been filed, but police say the investigation is ongoing and a determination into charges is pending.

He’s suspected of kidnapping Antoinette Leak from her home at 81st and Flora and beating her as he drove around Kansas City on Wednesday morning. Police said that at about 3:45 a.m. the man went to Leak’s home and began banging on windows and doors. Leak was inside the home with her three children, boyfriend and other family members at the time.

Leak went to the door and when she opened it, the man grabbed her and forced her into the car. Leak twice tried to escape from the man, whom she referred to as her ex-boyfriend. The first attempt was unsuccessful as she got out of the car, but couldn’t find anyone to help her.

After that attempt the man drove around for another 30 minutes while beating her and threatening to kill her. Another opportunity presented itself when the man stopped the car at 75th and Prospect. She jumped out of the car, barefoot and topless, and ran 12 blocks calling to her family for help.

“We got a call about 6:55, saying ‘I’m at the corner, I can’t walk,’” Leak’s mother said. “And I was like, which way? And she said, ‘down the street,’ and so we took off running. She was behind some bushes, legs bruised up, face swollen, blood everywhere. But I am thankful she is okay.”

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