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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — An accused bank robber got busted, thanks to GPS technology that led police straight to his front door.

Gregory Burgin, 58, is now federally charged with bank robbery and carrying a firearm during a violent crime.

Prosecutors believe Burgin was one of two men who on Saturday morning held up Bank Midwest on Brookside Boulevard in Kansas City, Mo. They got away with more than $8,000.

Little did they know, the bank teller stashed a small GPS device in the bag of stolen cash, which helped authorities track down and arrest Burgin at his home in the 4900 block of Euclid Avenue, according to federal court documents.

“The upside to the GPS is that now we can follow the money,” explained Michael Tabman, a former FBI agent.

“So rather than confronting somebody or arresting them on the spot as they leave the bank, or they’re on their getaway, we can see where they’re going, if they go to a stash house, let’s say, if there are other people involved, the co-conspirators…”

Tabman said more banks are now using this GPS technology to zero in on robbery suspects – an upgrade from long-used dye packs that explode and destroy the money.

“It`s just the natural evolution of law enforcement technology,” Tabman said. “I’m sure 5-10 years from now we’ll be talking about a newer and better technology.”

In this case, it helped authorities recover the stolen cash and arrest Burgin, who was once convicted of second-degree murder.

“It can expand the scope of an investigation and also might avoid a deadly confrontation at the scene of a bank robbery, which to me, is the most important issue,” said Tabman of the GPS tracking system.

Federal court documents show police found clothing matching the suspect descriptions, a duffle bag of nearly $8,000, and other evidence inside Burgin’s home.

Officers arrested a total of five people who were at the house, but so far, Burgin is the only person facing charges in connection to the bank robbery.