BELTON, Mo. — Police arrested a man who allegedly robbed a Belton bank less than five minutes after the crime.

Brett D. Webb, 42, is charged with holding up three tellers at Central Bank in Belton on April 20.

A court affidavit shows Webb had a knife when he approached three different employees inside the bank. He demanded cash from each teller. Two of the tellers slipped trackers inside the cash as they handed it to Webb.

Court documents show the bank employees took pictures of Webb as he left the building and walked down the street.

Just four minutes after the robbery happened, Belton Police found Webb walking near the bank.

The officers found more than $8,000 from the bank in his pocket. They also said he still had the knife he allegedly used in the crime.

Court documents show after officers arrested Webb, he spontaneously said “I didn’t really mean to do it, I’m just down on my luck.”

If convicted, Webb faces 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.