Suspected rapist comes face-to-face with accusers in court

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OLATHE, Kan. – On Tuesday in a Johnson County courtroom, the victims of two brutal attacks came face-to-face with the man who police say raped one and tried to rape the other.

One of the women says in December of 2013, Jesse Akins III kidnapped her, tried to rape her, but physically couldn’t, and then robbed her before he let her go. Seven months later, police say he struck again in an even more brutal rape.

The woman who says she was Akins second victim did not want to be on camera as she told her story, but stared down Akins as he sat in court listening to the victim recount what she said happened in July of 2014.

She said Akins climbed up to the third story balcony at her Lennox of Olathe apartment, broke in and brutally beat and raped her. One of the things she said he used to rape her caused tremendous physical damage.

The victim said she was sure Akins was going to kill her because he made no attempt to conceal his identity. She described fighting for her life, being strangled and relentlessly beaten on her head and face. She said Akins finally put her in the bathroom, saying he would leave if she showered.

The woman said she stayed in the shower for five to 10 minutes until she was sure he was gone. Police say Akins admitted to both crimes; prosecutors say they will use that taped confession if and when his case goes to trial. His next court date is set for February 4.

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