T-Bones fans trying to stay positive that team will stay in KC metro despite eviction notice

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. — On Tuesday, the Unified Government of Wyandotte County/KCK evicted the Kansas City T-Bones from T-Bones Stadium.

The UG said the team only made a handful of rent payments over the last four years. But some T-Bones super fans are holding on to hope that the team will stay in the metro.

Donna and Bill Greer are a T-Bones host family. During the season, players stay in their home and have done so for the last 15 years.

“We’re kind of the unofficial T-Bones historical monument,” Donna Greer, who lives in Shawnee, said of their home. “We prefer the T-Bones for the intimate experience. It’s like sitting on your front porch, visiting with your neighbors.”

Every player who ever stayed with the family has a jersey on the wall of the Greer’s basement. Right now, the catchers for the T-Bones are staying with the Greers.

The team is on a 12 game winning streak, the most ever in franchise history.

Word of the team’s eviction from the stadium in Village West makes the Greers sad.

“We don`t know that they`re really leaving,” Donna Greer said. “There’s still a chance. As a season ticket holder, we always have hope. Just like going to the championships. We have hope for that. If they have to go, we’ll just visit them elsewhere.”

The Unified Government said of 48 rent payments for about $1,600 over the last four years, the team only paid three. Between rent and municipal utilities, the team is behind by more than $760,000.

“I don`t know how they guys are feeling,” Bill Greer said of the players. “They’re making a run for the playoffs, so they have to focus on what they’re doing.”

A statement from the T-Bones called the eviction capricious. The team said it was open with the Unified Government, that its plans to sell the team wouldn’t happen until after the end of the season.

The team’s leadership is optimistic about a solution, just like the Greers. The host family wants to keep hosting and building bonds with their hometown team.

“It gives you a different outlook on the ball game, of what goes on in their life,” Bill Greer said. “It’s not like they’re big stars. It’s all the injuries. They come home. They had a bad game. They’re people, and a lot of people don’t look at it like that.”

The date of the eviction is Sept. 13.



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