Take the picture: After Sabetha community shaken by crash that killed three, one woman’s Facebook post goes viral

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SABETHA, Kan. -- A Kansas woman's Facebook post is going viral for a really good reason.

It was one of hundreds made over the last 10 days to support the people of Sabetha, Kansas, after a car crash killed the mother, sister and uncle of two football players just after the team won the state championship.

But this post is creating a wider ripple effect because it offers up such an important reminder for all of us: Take the picture.

A photo captured the Ukele family on the night of the state football championship win: the two boys, Tanner and Carson, with their mom, Carmen; 11-year old sister, Marlee; and father, Lee.

The two brothers helped their team, the Sabetha High School Blue Jays, win the class 3-A state football championship, a wonderful triumph for the whole town -- until a few hours later.

On the drive home, a driver tried to pass someone on the two-lane highway and crashed head on into the Ukele family. The crash killed the boys' mother, sister and uncle. It badly injured their dad. The boys were on the bus with the team.

One head-on crash changed life forever, for the Ukele family and for the town.

In the hundreds of posts offering love and support, Fox 4 found one that's different. It offers some unique advice.

Christy Buchholz Deters said when she saw this picture, something just kept running through her mind, and it's this: Take the picture.

Sometimes we get caught up in how we look and avoid pictures being taken of us. Our hair isn't right. Our outfit doesn't match. We've gained some weight. There are endless reasons.

But this picture is most likely the last picture the Ukeles took together as a family. They had no idea their lives were about to change forever in the next few hours.

Bucholz Deters said none of us know when it will be our time to be called home. But in this moment, the Ukeles were together, happy and proud.

Her advice: The next time you get one of those moments, take the picture -- because we never know when it might be our last.

In the meantime, the people of Sabetha and the Ukele family will be holding funerals this coming Sunday and Monday.

Our thanks go out to Buchholz Deters for her post that reminds us all of what really matters.



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