Targeted shooting that KCK investigators believe is retaliation leaves 15-year-old boy dead

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- KCK Police believe the latest homicide of a 15-year-old boy Thursday night near 20th and N. Tremont may be the result of retaliation between two groups who are continuing a long-standing pattern of violence.

"Nine rounds of gunshots," a witness described.

The sounds of shots shattered the quiet evening, it was the interruption of a rare silence though, in a neighborhood where the sound of gunshots is hardly even noticed anymore.

"Basically it is just like an everyday situation. I mean, you hear it, that's all you hear, it's sad to say, but you just proceed and go on with your business. Like, oh it is another one."

The woman who asked FOX 4 not to use her name was bathing her daughter when the gunshots rang out. She did not duck, she did not take cover. This time, the target was 15-year-old Brandon Browne, who police say was sitting on the porch of this house on N. Tremont when someone drove up, got out of the car and shot Browne in the chest, killing him.

Browne's mother has now lost two children to gun violence. September 2, her 15-year-old daughter, Brannae Browne, was gunned down outside of the Chelsea Plaza Homes. Michael Adams, Jr., has been charged with Brannae's murder.

Adams' mother - Natasha Hayes - was killed in a drive-by shooting as she slept in her KCK home a year ago, families intertwined by violence.

At the scene of Browne's killing Thursday night, police said these homicides are not random acts.

"We think this is violence among two either groups or individuals and when it is like that, it is sad. The young adults of today need to figure out how to resolve their differences in a better way so the community doesn't have to feel the effects of it in their back yard," KCKPD Officer Cameron Morgan said.

Investigators say they were also called to the same house Wednesday for a shooting - the house was shot up but no one was hurt. They are still looking for a suspect.

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