Task force to investigate excessive force allegations at Jackson Co. Detention Ctr.

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Jackson County executives and members of a task force have been asked to investigation allegations that employees at the Jackson County Detention Center have used excessive force on inmates there.

The alleged incidents occurred over the past several months. Four citizen volunteers will comprise the task force, asked to investigate at least four reports of excessive force by guards.

The acting jail director says an inmate alleged he was hurt very badly by officers inside the Jackson County Jail in early July.

The inmate was transferred to another jail.  Jackson County officials then learned there were at least three other incidents involving use of excessive force by guards. The incidents allegedly involved one specific group of guards during one time-frame.

Since then, the county employees no longer work for Jackson County.

“When dealing with allegations of inmate security and really inmate welfare, there’s no other prudent course of action to take than what we think is the hyper-aggressive action of asking the FBI to come in and to form this task force,” said Mike Sanders, Jackson County Executive.

The task force, led by community activist Alvin Brooks, one of the founding members of , will have 60 days to investigate and make recommendations to Jackson County executives.

The task force will also look at the structure of the jail, which some complain doesn’t have enough height, as well as inmates’ access to care, including mental health care.




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